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Doug Barry is a cradle Catholic who grew up as a ‘clock-in, clock out’ Catholic. Going to church every Sunday but not living out his Faith to the fullest. When he was around 20 years old, he learned about Marian Apparitions and since then has dedicated his life and ministry work to helping souls get to Heaven. For over 30 years, Doug traveled all over, training men, women and families of all ages how to engage in their faith and take action.

As seen on Life on the Rock (EWTN), Battle Ready Show (EWTN), Rosary Coast to Coast and as Co-host of US Grace Force Podcast Doug has spent his life learning Spiritual Warfare and helping lay men and women fight the good fight – spiritually and physically.

Doug is also the CEO/Co-Owner of the BR coalition, an online training ground and community. To help  people grow in their Faith, foster the Catholic Communities, and know the actionable steps for combatting the evil seen in the world today. His show, Battle Ready, boils this conflict down to basics - good, evil, victory and defeat - to prepare audiences to survive this critical encounter. When he is not pouring his time and energy into his ministry work, Doug enjoys being with his wife, Denise, his adult children and his grandchildren.

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